Welcome to the 24 Hour Culture Survey

Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey. Over 2000 people told us what they got up to between Friday 24th and Saturday 25th October, and why arts and culture are important to them.

The findings show that arts and culture are integral to the lives of many: 98% of respondents said they believed that arts, culture and heritage are important to them.

The main reasons for appreciating arts and culture were that they keep the mind stimulated and give meaning to people’s lives.

Other major reasons include increased health and wellbeing, keeping communities together, improving the lives of children and young people and the positive effect of arts and culture on jobs and economics.

Libraries were the most popular cultural venue over the 24 hours, with 14% of respondents visiting a branch. 12% saw a play or drama over the 24 hour period, and 11% visited an art exhibition.

Participation in the arts remains strong. 72% read a book over the 24 hour period, and just over half watched a television drama.

24% of respondents sang for their own pleasure over the 24 hours, and 15% took part in textile crafts such as knitting or sewing.

Respondents were also asked about their cultural life over the past year. 94% had read a book in that time, 85% had seen a play or drama and 82% had visited a museum. 78% - nearly 4 in 5 people – had watched a video online over the past year.

Respondents’ comments on why they considered arts and culture to be important included:

“I have often seen a play to help me escape stress in my life. For example seeing a play the day before a planned operation.” 55 year old woman, Shrewsbury

“They [the arts] give me joy and the beauty and inspiration that I see and feel is uplifting and helps me to cope with the pain and sadness of life and my work. I am a nurse who works with the dying.” 54 year old woman, Alcester

“Arts and culture is at the heart of a healthy, tolerant and happy society and I want to be a part of this kind of community. I also want to bring my daughter up in this kind of world.” 43 year old man, Birmingham

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